Our first years calendar is taking shape with a good mix of riding and other events on the list. Please contact us for more information about these events and how you can take part.

First up in April we’ll be heading to the mid north for a decent trail ride on a mix of tracks and trails, then in May we have our High Country ride in Victoria followed by several Mallee rides throughout June July and August. The dates are in so get your bums in the shed and polish all those swingarms up for a decent year of rides, for riders, by riders.

Specific dates are

  • April 13-15 Mid North
  • May 16-20 Victorian High Country ( new location )
  • June 15-17 Mallee
  • July 13-15 Mallee ( primetime, we love it )

There are also rides planned for the second half of the year as well, more on these as the year goes by.

In addition there are several Adventure rides and 4wd trips planned for members so what are you waiting for, get in the shed and get ready.