We’ve been around a while and most of us have spent time at either end of the pack on group rides. There’s a few things you can do to make your ride go better.

Firstly, dont be a knob. Sounds easy right? Well here’s a few things you can do that will get you a long way toward that goal.

  • Dont roost on the road or in rocks. Yeah we’re all fast in a straight line but powering down the gravel road at warp 9 spraying everyone with gunshot will get you a F, while we’re on it, overtaking everyone on the road that you are too slow to overtake in the track will also get you an F for Fu…
  • Be ready when the sweep comes if you’re on a corner or having a rest. This bloke is sacrificing riding the prime track out the front so YOU can be looked after and not left behind. Don’t disrespect what it is.
  • On a road side ride if you’re struggling a bit with fitness etc there’s no problem to pull onto the road and ride ahead and have a breather. When you come back in, don’t pull in front of the group that spent 5 minutes patiently getting past you previously.
  • On a trail ride where there are no trophies why the hell would you ride in someones dust ?
  • If you were the last one with all your gear on and made everyone wait, don’t be the one who does it next time and the time after and the time after……

All TRAC rides are conducted according to the club code of conduct which includes a trail riding etiquette. In his way new riders can feel confident and focus on improving and enjoying their ride.


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