The Trail Riding and Adventure Club Inc. (TRAC) is South Australia’s newest sporting club . We are chomping at the bit to get stuck into the 2018 riding season. TRAC has been formed through the hard work of like minded individuals who are committed to keeping the trail riding scene in SA alive and well.

SA has many fine clubs with rich racing history and traditions however, we believe there are also many trail riders who simply do not wish to compete or be involved with racing events, licensing and permits. TRAC has been created to cater for the many, who simply want to go for a trail ride with like minded individuals in a friendly and supportive environment.

Similarly, we believe there are many people entering the Adventure bike space for the first time and we hope to be able to provide some structured events soon.

Whilst there are a lot of so called “clubs” on facebook etc, we offer a genuine club environment where every member has an opportunity to participate and contribute. Any funds generated by the club will be returned to the membership in some way, through the availability of equipment or via other events. Membership and event costs are a fraction of other clubs.

TRAC is now actively seeking members for 2018 and riders who are willing to contribute to it’s success are welcome to contact us for details on the membership application process.


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